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how do i know if i have a virus?

You should be aware that every time you log on to the internet, you are under attack. Virus threats lurk everywhere. In fact, it is possible that your computer, email or other online identities are already infected. Here are some symptoms that should make you sit up and take notice:

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  • Your computer is running exceptionally slow. If you are not running heavy applications and programs, the slow response to commands could be an indication of a virus infection
  • Your computer stalls, crashes unexpectedly or switches to the dreaded blue screen periodically
  • Your computer anti-virus has been automatically disabled. Many viruses are programmed to disable anti-virus systems, so this is an obvious sign of an infection
  • Strange behavior on your computer – random pop-ups appear every time you log on to the internet, strange icons appear and disappear on your home screen, your computer switches off and reboots by itself… the list goes on!

Basically, if you notice an anomaly that periodically makes you wonder, ‘this is weird’, be alert to the virus threat!

what can we do?

Simply, eradicate all viruses and malicious programs from your computer and install the latest AVG Anti-virus program to protect your system!

    • Run a complete scan on your computer, evaluate your system performance and diagnose the exact problem
    • Remove all viruses and repair any issues with your operating system
    • Install the latest AVG anti-virus, achieve smooth functionality for your complete computer system
    • Run a final test to make sure your computer system is delivering optimal performance

next step

Our trained technicians can ether access your computer and deliver the complete service remotely, or you could get direct assistance at our nearest store or in the convenience of your home / office.

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