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The IT challenge for small startups

In this age of startups, most small-sized operations cannot afford dedicated office IT platforms, so by default they adopt the other extreme – no integrated IT system whatsoever. Coworkers typically use their personal email IDs and social networks to collaborate with each other. This complete absence of a system causes a number of problems.

For example, if you have 3 employees collaborating on a project, files would constantly need to be sent back and forth, updates would be delivered via several different email threads or even across platforms (email, whatsapp, Facebook etc) , and documents would be overwritten, re-edited and saved multiple times. All this creates confusion. Ultimately time and productivity is lost, important information is crowded out, and miscommunication occurs. The end result: delays, errors and overall inefficiency.

Google Apps and Office 365 Can Help you Organize!

The good news is that there is affordable technology out there to serve your needs as a startup. The Google Apps platform and Microsoft’s Office 365 are both designed to serve as IT platforms for small companies. Here’s a quick look at the highlights:

  • Dedicated work email accounts
  • A single IT platform for all work related files and documents where co-workers can collaborate, edit, and access updated documents in real time
  • The ability to access and update documents across devices (Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Tablet, Smartphone etc)
  • Number of additional functions like shared work calendars, voice calling, video conferencing, private social networking etc

Complete Installation Support from 360it: Maximize Productivity, Minimize Trouble

At 360it, we can help you leverage this technology to maximize your team’s productivity:

  • Help select the best Google Apps or Office 365 plan for your specific work needs
  • Set up work email accounts for your team and configure all the apps and functions you need to make work smoother
  • Guide your team on the various functionalities of your new IT platform and how to use it for maximum advantage
  • Update your plan as your brand grows and develops and offer round the clock troubleshooting support

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