business services overview

office IT Setup

Whatever the scale of your business, there is no escaping that your work systems depend on your computer setup functioning smoothly

voice & data services

It is hard or perhaps even impossible to survive without a phone and internet connection. Most of us seek constant 24x7 connectivity

cloud computing

Everywhere you go, you probably hear about cloud. Everyone is talking about this remarkable innovation

wireless networking

Wireless electronic devices are a standard feature in any home or office. Apart from the regular phones, tablets, PCs and laptops

collaborative solutions

In this age of startups, most small-sized operations cannot afford dedicated office IT platforms, so by default they adopt

data backup

We get numerous calls every month from people who spilled water all over their laptop, dropped their device accidentally

data recovery

This is the day everyone wants to avoid. An accidental reformatting, a physical accident or a serious virus may have damaged

hardware services

The task of purchasing hardware, configuration, installation and maintenance need not stress you out. The reason we call ourselves

internet marketing

An online marketing campaign can take your business to the next level. No matter how localized your area of operation

website design

As a small company, you cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on your website. This does not mean, however, that a good website

IT Support

If you are a medium to large-scale organization, you probably require a lot more than basic IT setup and ad hoc repair