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Transforming your smartphones into fully functional office computers

The modern smartphone or tablet, with its fast processor speed, impressive memory and considerable computing muscle, is no less than a computer. Add to this a large screen size and ever-improving user interface, and it is no surprise that you and your coworkers are increasingly reliant on your mobile devices for your work.

We can help you exploit the benefits of this level of technology by seamlessly integrating your mobile devices with your office IT platform, allowing coworkers to access data, edit and collaborate through mobile, either in office or on the go.

Avail the Benefits and Avoid the Dangers

Creating this kind of network is a very specialized function, and we ensure you avoid the pitfalls of such integration.

  • Adjust the settings of your office IT platform for smooth compatibility with your mobile devices
  • Keep your integrated network secure from viruses that could creep in through mobile devices
  • We can create firewalls, restrict access to certain sites, and protect sensitive information while coworkers and employees are logged in to your office network
  • Adjust your network settings so that mobile devices don’t suck excess bandwidth from your wi-fi

As technology partners to a number of small businesses, we understand the need to be flexible in our service and deliver a relevant solution within a budget. Rest assured, you are at the right place! Get in touch for the best mobile solution.

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