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Is your laptop or PC is getting unwanted pop-ups or overheating or doesn’t turn on? Call our 360IT Support Team immediately. We’ll resolve any software and hardware problems of your computer.

360it is a leading computer repair service center in Richardson, TX providing service in cities like McKinney, Carrollton, Garland, Plano, and Dallas.

Diagnosis of specific Problem

At 360it, we will first thoroughly diagnose your computer which usually takes between 5 to 10 minutes. When you arrive at our computer repair center, one of our computer technicians will check your computer. Please provide as many details as possible to identify the root cause of the problem. Furthermore, our technician will provide you with some tips to maintain your computer after our repair process is complete.

Laptop Repairs

Does your laptop run super slow or perhaps have viruses? Does your laptop show nothing on the screen when powered ON? Is your laptop plugged-in with a charger all the time and now the battery no longer charges? We can repair or replace all of the failed components of your laptop.

Water/Liquid Damage Repair

When something spilled on the laptop or computer accidentally, most people would clean the surface of the computer immediately and try to turn it ON. The computer might be working for hours to months without problem after that but, it may crash any moment since there is water inside the computer. Our certified computer repair technicians can resolve this problem within no time.

Your preferred choice in choosing a computer service in Richardson, TX

360it is the name you can trust as we have unmatched experience in the computer repair field. Our main goal is to the problem in your computer after we have visited you, then this is the greatest result of our work. We bring you the certified computer repair technicians as well as provide high-quality solutions suited to fulfill any needs that may occur.

Beginning with installation, updating, maintenance to monitoring, our computer service and repair team can handle anything. For any queries contact 360it.

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