cloud computing

Cloud Computing: The power of technology without
its maintenance hassles

Everywhere you go, you probably hear about cloud. Everyone is talking about this remarkable innovation. The question you may have is – well, what is cloud? Think of it like a vending machine. You push in a Dollar, and you can choose your soda, cookie or pack of chips. You don’t need to store eatables in your bag or rely on anyone. You can simply pick what you need, when you need it. Cloud does the same for the IT technology and software you need to keep your office running smoothly.

Put simply, it is a system that uses the power of the internet to host your entire office IT platform remotely. You are freed from the hassle of in-house maintenance and you get the flexibility to pick and choose services.

In earlier years, your complete office IT platform, including all your work-related programs and data management software, had to be hosted on a server in your office premises. This meant that you constantly needed an IT person on call to manage installation, performance issues, troubleshooting and server breakdowns. The cost, in terms of both time and money, as well as the mental stress in all this was intimidating.

Now, using the internet, cloud computing brings you all the advantages of technology without the hassle of maintenance.

Your Office One Click Away, 24 x 7!

We will host your entire office IT platform on a server at our premises, and keep all your programs and software running smoothly at all times. All you need is an internet connection, and wherever you may be in the wide world, you can log on, access your data, edit files, and collaborate with co-workers. It’s as simple as that!

No IT management hassles. Save your valuable time and money for more productive uses

Completely secure access to all your sensitive and important data

Buy your software from 360it and save on licensing cost

Smooth and seamless performance of office-related software 24 x 7

Cloud back-up of all data so you don't lose any information even if your computer crashes

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