residential services overview

virus removal

You should be aware that every time you log on to the internet, you are under attack. Virus threats lurk everywhere. In fact, it is possible

data backup

We get numerous calls every month from people who spilled water all over their laptop, dropped their device accidentally

data recovery

This is the day everyone wants to avoid. An accidental reformatting, a physical accident or a serious virus may have damaged

wireless networking

Wireless electronic devices are a standard feature in any home or office. Apart from the regular phones, tablets, PCs and laptops

mobile services

The modern smartphone or tablet, with its fast processor speed, impressive memory and considerable computing muscle

home office setup

In our dynamic and ever-adapting work culture, a growing number of companies are offering their employees the convenience

home entertainment system

With unprecedented access to smart technology, we have moved past the age of isolated electronic gadgets.

smart home & automation

Imagine intelligent technology that connects and controls the home devices that keep your life running smoothly, adapts automatically