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Your Home: A happy, stress-free, secure retreat

‘Is the baby ok? Hope the dog didn’t mess up the house. Did I forget to turn down the thermostat?’ Typically, we all carry the stress caused by issues at home right into our workplace. The distraction disrupts work, potentially causing trouble and compounding the vicious cycle of stress. Thankfully, though, the integrative power of technology now makes life easier.

Imagine intelligent technology that connects and controls the home devices that keep your life running smoothly, adapts automatically to the pace of your routine, and even sends you alert and protects your safety while you are away. This is not imagination any longer; smart home technology is now accessible to almost every modern home, and we can set it up for you to optimal functionality.

Highlights of an automated smart home

It’s a daunting task for any layman to plunge into the electronics market, make the best buy, and then figure out the setup and installation. That’s the job our team of experts can do for you. Here’s how we can help:

  • Self adjusting thermostat that is programmed to your lifestyle and preferences. It sets itself automatically to your ideal temperature depending on the season and time of the day, can be controlled from your smart phone while you are on the go, and even turns down automatically to power-saving mode while you are ‘away’, saving you considerable amount of energy.
  • CCTV camera that streams live on your phone, captures an image and alerts you on unusual activity, allows you to deliver commands over a microphone to your pet, and is even able to make the distinction between ‘false alarms’ (falling branches, external noises etc) and genuine threats.
  • An integrated home. As your car enters the garage in the evening, safety alarm disables, the hallway lights brighten, the thermostat sets temperature to your preference, and when you switch on your TV for your favorite show, the room lights dim automatically. Connect security systems, air conditioning, smoke alarm, lighting, and entertainment and music systems to operate in synchronicity.

How We Can Help

At 360it, we will come to your home for a free assessment, and depending on your lifestyle, preferences and budget, we will suggest the most effective smart home system. Control4 and Nest provide the most advanced smart home technologies. Each provides a range of integrative options, and they are compatible with gadgets from a number of electronics brands. Our trained technicians have the know-how to help you make the optimal decision and complete installation.

With a smart home system in place, you will have complete control at the tip of your fingers. Use your smartphone while you are away, and a customized interface while at home. Get in touch with us now for more information.


No need to get tangled in the hardware market. We have partnerships with all the top technology brands and we will procure your hardware at the best possible rates.

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